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Food Safety

We advise and help all manner of businesses, from the chic and aspirational food outlet serving the latest gastronomic delight, to the large-scale event caterer providing 'style on a plate', along with the budding manufacturer who uses complex processes to consistently produce a safe and quality product. Below are the services we provide. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Food Safety Packages
This is the real deal, and generally our clients' preferred option:
  • An agreed number of audit visits per year to identify areas for improvement and highlight examples of good practice.

  • Verbal report followed by a detailed written report of findings for each audit.

  • Advice and guidance on food safety and hygiene matters on request, as and when you need it.

  • Helpline Monday - Friday (09.00 - 17.30)

  • Liaison with enforcement authorities should a tricky situation arise.

New Business Consultations

Available for new food businesses who require advice and guidance on: food product safety; suitability of the premises; compliance with food hygiene and food standards legislation; labelling and packaging; HACCP monitoring and record-keeping; and food hygiene training. The consultation is aimed at food business owners/managers who wish to know exactly how to prepare, produce, sell and supply food that is safe to eat.

Support for Existing Businesses
As an established business you will need to keep up-to-date with legal requirements and good practices. You may wish to expand your business by providing new food products, or develop new and more efficient food production processes. You may want to improve your food hygiene rating, or meet the requirements of a recognised accreditation scheme such as SALSA. You may require specialist advice to satisfy the demands made by larger retailers whom you wish to supply. If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, our Food Safety Package is definitely for you - please see details below.
Food Safety Audits

Think of these as being safety and hygiene check-ups for your business. At agreed intervals throughout the year, we will assess the premises for food safety hazards, check whether policies and procedures are being followed, review reports provided by EHO's and external contractors, and consider the need for training. Our audits identify the good practices worth celebrating, as well as the areas for improvement requiring your attention.


Policies & Procedures (including HACCP)

These are the instructions, methods, and working practices that will help you to consistently prepare/produce/supply safe and good quality food. Our documented policies and procedures include: 'Good Hygiene Practices' (personal hygiene, cleaning, training etc.); 'Safe Operating Procedures' (heat treatment, stock control, food storage); HACCP Plans; and, food safety monitoring records. They are always bespoke to the activities of your food business, will be designed to minimise paperwork and record keeping, and are written in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

Food Hygiene Ratings

We help food businesses achieve excellent food hygiene ratings (awarded by their EHO). Food hygiene ratings are in the public domain, and it is likely to become mandatory to display the rating sticker/certificate provided. Our food safety audits will help ensure high food safety standards. We will prepare you for your next inspection by the local authority, and we will identify any issues that have led to a poor rating. We will propose a set of measures to raise standards, and will recommend any necessary amendments to existing policies and procedures. We will also guide you through the process of applying for a re-rating.

Local Authority Liaisons
It makes very sound business sense to develop a good working relationship with your Local Authority Environmental Health Department. That said, tricky situations do arise which can put good working relationships to the test. At times like these we can liaise with the authorities on your behalf, taking the stress out of situations and leaving you to focus on the business. 
Supplier Assurance Audits

Be sure that your food suppliers maintain the same high standards of food safety as you do. Have confidence in the food ingredients and products arriving at your door each week. Arrange for us to audit your supply chain, and provide you with honest and objective feedback on how your suppliers are performing.

Food Complaint Investigations

Be it a foreign object found in the food, or a suspected case of food poisoning, if you receive a customer complaint it is advisable to investigate it in a timely fashion and respond to the customer in an appropriate manner. This is where we come in: we can investigate the complaint, liaise directly with complainants and EHOs, and advise on additional control measures should this be necesarry.  

SALSA Accreditation

Achieving accreditations such as SALSA can open doors to new business opportunities. Meeting the SALSA standards demonstrates that your business takes food safety seriously and champions good practice. We are experienced in helping businesses prepare for and achieve the SALSA accreditation. We can also be there to represent you on the day the audits take place.

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