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Food & Music Festivals

We work together with leading event organisers to provide revellers with safe, top-notch food, all served up in a hazard-free environment. Who says safe food can't be served up in a field?
How We Can Help
Are you organising an event or festival? Will food vendors be a major part of the undertaking? Is food safety important to the reputation of the event? If you have answered 'yes' to these questions you will benefit from getting us involved.

We offer event management companies a unique service that runs alongside and compliments event safety. On the days leading up to the event, we inspect all food stands for food safety, we look at food safety records and certificates, we assess whether there are any health and safety issues, and we meet with local authority officials looking to sign-off the event as being 'safe'.

Music events, food festivals, vintage fairs, car rallies, dog shows - you name it, we like to get involved with it.

For the fourth year running we are thrilled to be working with the well respected 'U-Live' at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival near Glynde in East Sussex, as well as 'Loudsound' at Field Day at Victoria Park in London.
We offer a Food & Safety Package that we think you will find useful. Details of this are in the box below, along with additional services you may be interested in.
Please get in touch if you would like us to help you.
Full details of our Food Safety, Health & Safety and Training services can be found on our Services page.
Our Food & Safety Package
  • Food vendor inspections prior to the event starting, looking at Food Safety  and Health & Safety.
  • Request, assess and inspect documentation and certification.
  • Resolve food & safety issues
  • Liaise with and meet local authority Licensing and Environmental Health teams
Additional Services
  • Event Safety Management Plans

"As an event organiser for temporary outdoor events I see it as an important responsibility to ensure that the catering options at our events are thoroughly reviewed to ensure they are operating to a high standard. Since I met Carl I have been very pleased to find someone who provides support and advice in a helpful and positive way, helping both myself and my catering partners realise our goals of delivering great food to our audience."

Mandy Johnson, Loudsound